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Great location in a very hip and arty area of the city. Before the times I stayed in Avalon house and it's safe to say that the times blows that place out of the water. First thing you notice when entering the times are the smiling faces of the management ( Laura) and her staff. Very friendly happy and fun people. This place is so clean, I mean everywhere. In some hostels you enter the reception area is clean then you get to your room and it's horrible. The times is so different. The kitchen is spotless and the bedrooms are the same. Bedrooms have so much space with ensuite bathrooms and also huge lockers in every room to safely pack away your belongings. Every night there is an offering from staff to guests wether it be a free meal, Icecream, wine and cheese and much more. I've had many hostels experiences in Dublin but this has been the best and the prices are amazing.
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Times Hostels - College Street

Address Icon 8 College Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone Icon +353 1 675 3652
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Times Hostels - Camden Place

Address Icon 8 Camden Place, Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone Icon +353 1 475 8588
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