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All of the staff whom I met are wonderful, but I wanted to thank those in particular who were so helpful to me the day I left which was, coincidentally, also the day I lost my debit card. So many thanks, Thomas and Sunny, for helping me out even though the hostel was extremely busy that afternoon.

Also, I don't know if he's still around and I know he's not an employee of the hostel, but there was a Spanish-speaking gentleman, I think maybe Javier, who without my prompting went to reception to get advice on my behalf. I feel I should add that he did all this even after I rudely told him to mute the tv while I was on the phone with my bank, so if he is still there and someone could thank him for me that'd be great. The person at reception recommended that I try money transfers or Western Union, which ended up being the course I took and it was a lifesaver.

So thanks again for everything and if I ever know anyone travelling to Dublin I'll recommend Times Hostel Camden Place.

  • Kelsey
  • USA
  • Kelsey recommends Times Hostels!

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